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LA-based Sister Mantos releases “Songs In The Key Of Destroy Capitalism”

Album makes it to our top ten list of albums released by local Los Angeles bands this year.
Sister Mantos releases “Songs In The Key Of Destroy Capitalism”
Gloria Plaza
Foto: Archive Jul 10, 2019

Released on the Fourth of July, “Songs In The Key Of Destroy Capitalism” by local powerhouse, Sister Mantos, is the album release that a lot of us who have been following this ensemble/band for quite some time, have been waiting for.

Songs In The Key Of Destroy Capitalism” is here and we can finally breathe a sigh of relief, but you might as well just... dance!. We got a taste of the band's new music on the dance floor of local venues through their electrifying live performances where crowds seemed to dance in unison and let’s not forget the 45 inch released last year with the very catchy single “Burn me” a single so good you always made sure to have it in your 45’s carry on.

Sister Mantos is a super-group featuring some of the best local talent Los Angeles is privileged to call their own (make sure to check the liner notes to discover other amazing albums from featured artists). Listening to “Songs In The Key Of Destroy Capitalism” makes you wonder if the live performances are just as good as what you hear coming from your living room speakers or car stereo, I assure you that Sister Mantos’ live sets are stellar, exhilarating and cathartic experiences. “Songs in the Key of Destroy Capitalism” produced by Oscar Santos (vocals, bass, guitar and visionary in Sister Mantos) is on our top ten list of albums released by local Los Angeles bands this year.

My first time catching Sister Mantos live was May 30th 2017 at LA’s local gem Zebulon venue. I had already listened to a few of their songs and had been mesmerized by their wonderful music videos such as their cover of Kate Bush’s “Wuthering Heights”. Sister Mantos was a band that I needed and desired to experience live.

Sister Mantos | Wuthering Heights (Kate Bush cover)

I went to the venue that night not knowing they were on the bill, and as luck would have it, there they were, glimmering on that stage. I was immediately drawn to the front row, where an outburst of timbales, raw electric serenades and hypnotizing vocals -featuring San Cha- dazzled the audience, and it was something that I couldn’t shake off and truly didn’t care to.

Fast forward to the present and you can still catch me jamming out to the first song of theirs that I walked into back in May 2017: “Bajo del Sol”, featuring San Cha on vocals and John D’Allesandro on accordion (from  local band Yanga). This album is stocked-full of delightful space cumbias, chansons and intense passages resembling post-punk, but labels are not my thing so please listen to this record and you be the judge.

I want to emphasize the fact that to have a piece of art so raw and sincere released during a time where you would expect most to remain silent, is very important to us here in Los Angeles.

Our historical landscape is changing very dramatically and not for the better. “Songs in the Key of Destroy Capitalism” is a testament to how expression can inspire healing and empower communities to share their voice without fear.

The point to these songs is to make people dance first, then have them sing along to the lyrics and realize that they are jamming in protest against the negative forces that plague our communities.

“End of the World” shouts: “Let it end with racism, sexism, capitalism...” before you even realize what is being said, you are on the dance floor with your friends enjoying the moment.

A fierce reinterpretation of the cuban classic, “La Negra Tomasa”, becomes “Marciana Tomasa”... a powerful ode to the timeless jam bringing back those nostalgic feels to all of us who grew up listening to the original, dancing with your tías and tíos. Next time you are at your local laundromat, “accidentally” unplug your earphones and imagine all the señoras dancing to “Songs In The Key Of Destroy Capitalism”. Truly an album for everyone.

Sister Mantos | Marciana Tomasa

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